steel tubing

Steel Tubing Can Be Used For Many Projects

Different sizes of steel tubing are used in many projects around the world including oilfields, industry, fencing, sculptures, and home projects such as carports and metal buildings. Some large steel tubing suppliers such as Varner Pipe have both new and used structural steel tubing. Fence builders rely on different sizes of steel tubing for pipe fences to build their many styles and sizes of fencing for many uses. Homeowners and artists find many uses for the different sizes of new and used tubing.

Steel Tubing Sizes

Steel tubing comes in many sizes starting with 1 3/8ths inch diameter and going up to 3 1/2 inch diameter. The most popular sizes are 2 3/8ths inches and sucker rods are available in ¾” diameter tubing. Steel tubing is very strong, durable and versatile making it useful for many projects. At suppliers, several grades of steel tubing is availaible. Steel tubing also comes in many standard lengths along with custom lengths for special uses and projects.

Steel Tubing In The Oil Fields

Steel tubing finds many uses in oil fields in Texas and other locations. It is known as a universal oilfield component. It is used and reused in downhole and many applications in the oilfields.

Steel tubing for Fences

The next most common use for steel tubing is in the fencing industry. Fences, H-braces, fence posts, cattle pens, horse pens, deer stands, and gates can be made with steel tubing, steel pipes, sucker rods, or a combination. Fence posts can be ordered already cut to the desired length. Long stretches of fencing needed on farms and ranches made with steel tubing will last longer than fences made of wood or some other materials. Steel tubing is easy to weld and structurally sound.

Building With Steel Tubing

Pole barns, sheds, carports, greenhouses, and other structures can be built using steel tubing. Steel tubing can provide a strong skeleton, holding everything else together. The strong steel frame is covered with roofing and sheathing to form a strong, attractive building. Metal structures can be used for many things including shelter for cattle and smaller farm animals, hay storage, equipment storage, garden supplies, and even office space. Steel tubing can also be used in metal sculptures of all sizes by artists and hobbyists. It can be bent, welded, and cut into an infinite variety of sizes and shapes to form the image the artist envisions. The finished sculpture can be painted, left natural, or polished. For more information on steel tubing, please visit the website.